While enrolled at the Conservation Course Sculpture Laboratory Graduate Department Tokyo University
of the Arts, studying Japanese classical art. In 2005, I completed the Master’s program, and was honored
to receive the Salon de Printemps Award. In 2008,I received a Ph.D. from the same institution.
Since 2009, I have been working at The University Museum, the University of Tokyo as a Project Assistant
Professor. At the University Museum, the University of Tokyo, I utilize past studies to conservation and restoration
various scientific specimens, while also creating pieces that integrate these academic specimens as motifs.
The geometrical series I created based on the experience of restoring mathematical models by German company
Martin Schilling was presented at “Lustrous Surfaces” (Victoria and Albert Museum, 2017),
“Art Meet05” (Arts Maebashi, 2018). I planned an experimental exhibition “Perspectives” to examine
the possibilities and the aspect of synchronicity in contemporary art at the UniversityMuseum, and held the first exhibition
and a discussion event in 2017. When planning this event, I was involved in research, planning, and production with the
magazine ‘Ouroboros,’ which is published by The University Museum, the University of Tokyo, and also wrote an article
entitled “University Museums and Contemporary Art”.